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Electronic Examination Copies

Broadview's New Approach to Complimentary Examination Copies

"This is a very efficient, excellent way of handling the review copies." - Colin Milburn, University of California, Davis 

"Thanks so much for allowing me to review The Atheist's Primer via electronic text--I love this option. It allowed instant access, which was a real time saver!" - Christian Dean, Dominican University of California

A Message to Academics

We at Broadview are adopting a new approach to the delivery of complimentary examination copies to academics.  Beginning in 2009, we are making available electronic inspection copies of most of our texts. It is our hope that this new method of delivery will offer several advantages. First, it should result in your getting the text more quickly. Second, it should offer savings on shipping and printing costs—thereby helping us to keep prices down for students. And beyond that, of course, it's an environmentally sustainable practice (one that complements our practice of printing Broadview books on recycled paper wherever possible).

For all these reasons, distributing inspection copies electronically is an option we are pleased to offer. But it is not one we would ever insist on; if you would prefer to continue receiving bound examination copies of Broadview texts, simply indicate this when you are asking that an examination copy be sent to you, and we will be pleased to accommodate your request.

Please also note that whenever you choose to adopt a text after having seen the electronic inspection copy, we will of course be pleased to send along a bound desk copy for course use.

Here’s how the new approach works. We send you an email that includes a link to a pdf inspection copy of a Broadview title that has been requested. Clicking on the link will begin your secure download. Please note that most pdfs will take two or three minutes to download on most computers. (We recommend you turn to something else for a few minutes while the download proceeds.)

The pdf will show the pages of the book as they are in the paperbound book (though at a somewhat lower resolution). In most cases these electronic documents are easily and quickly navigable once they are open; just click on any part of the TofC that will appear to the left of the screen and you will be taken instantly to that chapter or section of the book. (In some cases the pdf may not have been tagged in such a way that all computers can navigate the document from the TofC like this—in which case navigating will be somewhat slower.)

As a security measure to protect both Broadview's and our authors' copyrights, electronic inspection copies will carry unobtrusive "watermarks" indicating that each e-document has been sent on a complimentary basis, solely for the purpose of academic review.

Our hope, of course, is that after you have examined the electronic version you will decide to choose the book itself for your students, and we'll then send along a desk copy. But with this approach, if it turns out that you decide not to adopt as course texts titles that we have sent to you, you won’t have unwanted old complimentary copies cluttering up your office. 

Thank you for your interest—and your support. We believe not only that this is an environmentally sustainable approach, but also that it is one that will help us to sustain the unique sort of academic publishing we do at Broadview. If you have comments or question, please let us know.

Don LePan


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