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About Us

Broadview: An Introduction

The word "broadview" expresses a good deal of the philosophy behind our company. Our focus is very much on English Studies and Philosophy, but within those two core subject areas we are open to a broad range of academic approaches and political viewpoints. We welcome feminist perspectives, and we have a particular interest in addressing environmental issues. Our publishing program is internationally-oriented, and we publish for a broad range of geographical markets—but as a Canadian company we also publish a broad range of titles with a Canadian emphasis. And our individual titles often appeal to a broad readership; we publish many titles that are as much of interest to the general reader as they are to academics and students.

Broadview: The Company

Broadview Press is an independent academic publisher with no affiliation to any larger publishing house or media conglomerate. Broadview handles production and distribution of its books through its Peterborough, Ontario facility; sales and editorial acquisitions are carried out through its offices in Guelph, Ontario, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and Calgary, Alberta. The company has roughly 600 titles in print, and is currently publishing approximately 40 new titles per year. Broadview Press was incorporated in 1985; since then the company has grown steadily and now employs over 30 people, primarily at its Calgary, Peterborough, Wolfville, and Guelph locations. Annual sales revenue is now more than $3 million.

Our ten year experience of having shares in Broadview publicly-traded on the TSX Venture Exchange ended in 2010; the rising costs of being public have led us to take Broadview private. If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in the private corporation, please contact Don LePan at [email protected].

Broadview: Environmental Commitment

Broadview Press is committed to printing the interiors of its books on 100% post-consumer recycled paper whenever feasible. As the premiums on environmentally friendly papers continue to come down, Broadview anticipates publishing an increasing number of its books on recycled paper. 


Broadview Press acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund, and also acknowledges the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Freehand Books, an imprint of Broadview, acknowledges the support of the Canadian Council of the Arts.