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Feminist Philosophy

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Catharine Trotter Cockburn

"Sheridan provides a clear and intelligent appraisal of Cockburn as an independent thinker and not simply the unquestioning disciple of the male philosophers she defended." - Jacqueline Broad, Monash University, Australia

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Contemporary Feminist Theory and Activism

A cutting-edge introduction to contemporary feminist thought. Issues include sexual identity and politics; reproductive technology; economic inequality and the culture industry; religious fundamentalism; and the status of nonhuman others.

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A Feminist I

This book points the way to resolving some of those tensions, and to fruitfully sustaining others.

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The Idea of Being Free

This collection demonstrates the importance of Mary Hays (1759-1843) as an advanced and innovative thinker, philosophical commentator, and writer of deliberately experimental fiction.

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A Letter to the Women of England and The Natural Daughter

"At turns outrageous, witty, and sentimental, Robinson is at the top of her powers here." - Mary Favret, Indiana University - Bloomington

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A Serious Proposal to the Ladies

"Springborg's explanatory annotations as well as her knowledgeable exposition of Astell's philosophical positions make available again these landmark texts." - Ruth Perry, MIT

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The Subjection of Women

An affordable edition of Mill's classic text.

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Three Guineas

Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking essay is now presented as it was first published, with original photographic illustrations.

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The Vindications: The Rights of Men and The Rights of Woman

"This new edition contextualizes these crucial works more fully than any other edition thus far." - Mitzi Myers, University of California, Los Angeles

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