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Science and the World

"The skillful blend of classic and contemporary readings, individually introduced and enriched by an extensive list of study questions, makes this volume a remarkable pedagogical tool." – Marco J. Nathan, University of Denver

The Grasshopper - Third Edition

"This unique book quite bowled me over, both intellectually and as a gorgeous literary feast. Bernard Suits not only makes philosophy enjoyable, as it should be, but does so without any compromise of real profundity." - Simon Blackburn, Cambridge University

Old English Poetry: An Anthology

"The translations are beautiful—those of the elegies quite stunningly so....Overall, this is a wonderful anthology." - Natalie Grinnell, Wofford College

Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Selected Poetry

"This is an excellent teaching edition, with a lucid introduction and helpful headnotes to the generous selection of longer poems included. It gives a good sense of the trajectory of Tennyson's career and of the historical backdrop against which it took place." - Stefanie Markovits, Yale...

The Clockmaker

"This accessible edition will return Sam Slick to the reading room and the classroom, where he is guaranteed to spark fierce debate—the mark of his spirited and enduring character." - Ruth Panofsky, Ryerson University

Tamburlaine the Great

"Mathew R. Martin's edition of Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great, Part One and Part Two has everything one needs to ensure these powerful plays come alive in the undergraduate classroom: a clear and wonderfully annotated text, a lively yet erudite introduction, and a treasure...

Ancient Political Thought

"Readers will get a clear sense of this brilliant but brief moment in the Western tradition that informs so much of our own political, social, and religious thinking." - Richard Avramenko, University of Wisconsin-Madison


"Readers looking for a clear, concise, and accessible introduction to the basic tenets of Buddhism will find Panjvani's book ideally suited to their needs." – Christian Coseru, College of Charleston

The Siege of Jerusalem

"This translation of the alliterative Siege of Jerusalem —and the volume to which it belongs—will provide a much-needed pedagogical resource." - Timothy Stinson, North Carolina State University


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