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The Broadview Introduction to Literature, Concise Edition

"Of all the anthologies available for introducing university students to the study of literature, this one stands apart as particularly valuable, comprehensive, and engaging." - Dana Medoro, University of Manitoba

Peru and Peruvian Tales

“Paula R. Feldman's edition of Williams' poem and related works is impeccably presented; the apparatus is erudite yet accessible. More important, Peru is a fascinating and satisfying read, worthy of the impressive treatment afforded it here. This edition makes available an important ...

The Broadview Anthology of British Literature: The Medieval Period - Third Edition

“Broadview offers the best selection of Old English texts I’ve ever seen in an anthology of this nature … Well done!” - Robert W. Barrett, Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Critical Thinking - 7th Edition

“…I highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their ability to distinguish the reasonable from the unreasonable in the realm of belief.” – David Matheson, Carleton University

The Winter's Tale

“This superb new edition of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale is another excellent entry in the relatively new Broadview/Internet Shakespeare Editions series. Its virtues are many: a beautifully organized introduction; very fine glosses with extremely useful enlarged not...

The Logic of Our Language

“This text shows how to become fluent in the logic within language, using a carefully organized, step-by-step approach. Well-placed summaries of key points and extensive exercises assist the reader in developing insight and confidence.” – Peter Amato, Drexel University

An Introduction to Metalogic

“This is an excellent text in intermediate logic that should be warmly received by students. The well-paced exposition is remarkably clear. The choice of material, including remarks on the philosophical significance of the principal theorems and welcome sections on Second-Order logic, seems just ...

The Broadview Reader in Book History

“A varied collection that demonstrates the conceptual reach as well as the disciplinary range of book history. Particularly timely is the editors' emphasis on connecting the history of the book to cognate fields such as media studies and digital humanities.” - Leah Price, Harvard University

The Princess and the Goblin and Other Fairy Tales

“A judicious, insightful introduction prepares us for a wonderfully attentive reading of MacDonald’s work--an excellent opener for all, but for undergraduates in particular. Shelley King and John Pierce include MacDonald’s two essays on imagination, as well as excerpts from contemporary literary...


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