Examination and Desk Copy Requests

When requesting an examination copy from our website, you’ll notice that the default book format is now digital unless you’ve already decided to adopt the book for a course. As an independent publisher operating on modest margins, we encourage this approach in order to keep our books as low-cost for students as possible.

Of course, not everyone wants to read a full textbook in digital form—and we won’t require that you do so! All we ask is that you spend a few minutes with a digital version first, to review the table of contents, check out a chapter or two, and look at the book’s apparatus. We hope that a quick skim of this kind will give you a sense of whether the book truly has potential for your course. If it doesn’t, you can stop there and avoid having a superfluous book gathering dust on your shelf; if it does have potential, we’ll gladly send a print copy as follow-up.

If you strongly prefer to start out with a print copy, we’ll be happy to accommodate. Please just add a comment in the notes field on our examination copy page to that effect, along with your mailing address (including phone number), and we’ll get a print book in the mail to you. We can also send a print desk copy immediately if you choose to adopt one of our titles for a course.

If you prefer to teach from digital textbooks and would prefer to review one of our books in exactly the same format as your students will receive it, we can make a digital copy available to you through the platform used by your institution. Please write to your Broadview representative or examcopies@broadviewpress.com if you’d like us to arrange a copy in this format.

If you have any questions, please contact your Broadview Representative or examcopies@broadviewpress.com.

If you are a departmental administrator arranging desk copies for instructors, we ask that you please confirm that all copies are needed before submitting a request, as we often find that instructors have already received print copies from their Broadview Representatives before submitting their course orders.

We ship to all North American locations from our Peterborough, Ontario, warehouse. Shipping times vary depending on your location; it will take between 2-12 business days.

Examination copies are available through this site for Canadian and American instructors only. All international instructors should contact Eurospan.